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How to write a winning HORIZON 2020

SME INSTRUMENT Phase 1 Proposal

RedKnight not only provide a direct and personalised consultancy, but they also provide you with the tools and secrets to start writing successful bids on your own, in the most cost and time-effective way possible.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) that are EU-based or established in a country associated to Horizon 2020 can now get EU funding and support for innovation projects that will help them grow and expand their activities into other countries – in Europe and beyond.

Phase 1 of the SME Instrument provides SMEs with the opportunity of winning a €50,000 lump sum for exploring and assessing the technical feasibility and commercial potential of a breakthrough innovation that a company wants to exploit and commercialise.

RedKnight’s SME Instrument Phase 1 proposal planner has been expertly designed by our grants and funding specialists. The aim of the planner is to help make the proposal writing as pain free as possible. By following the 15 step planner, you’ll be able to complete your proposal as quickly and efficiently as possible, allowing you more time to concentrate on running your business. 

The handbook includes:
-RedKnight's 15 step proposal planner
-An example of a successfully funded proposal
-The proposal template
-A planner to proposal converter
-SME Instrument Self-evaluation form
-Step by step instructions on how to register and submit your proposal
-Description of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs)